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Estimates are calculated based on difficulty of the project, programming languages needed to get it done, database, backend & frontend changes, platform use, API integrations and more. Based on this we will give you an estimate in cost and time that can still vary depending on roadblocks encountered or optimizations we do while on the project.
This could vary from knowing your target audience, to knowing what services and products you are offering, to your strategy in regards to membership levels, plans and more. This will give us an idea of how to proceed and be more efficient for what you need in the project. The more we know about your business, the better understanding we will have in knowing how to code and build the project, either for future changes, to better enhancements and optimizations.
We use the agile methodology based on a visual Kanban style.

Service on Demand will apply to a single project (SP) with it's own time and cost. It will have a varying time to cover any changes or bugs found after the project ends and the initial price is based on the difficulty, time and work needed.

A partnership is a single, flat fee, monthly cost that covers all custom projects, including any additional enhancements or features the client would want to add to them. There are no additional changes in cost when working inside the project's environment.

In terms of cost, a partnership will lower costs in the long run, while guaranteeing an IT team that takes care of your needs.

Each Tier level, groups together multiple plugins based on their installation complexity & time, on their updating work with new features and on their maintenance needed for optimization purposes. So Tier 1 plugins are the quickest and easiest to install, maintain and update, while Tier 5 are the most complex ones, in terms of how many widgets they end up changing, how many databases changes are needed and even if it needs a 3rd party server for them to work on your site (which is covered by us).

Depending on the Tier level, it will include maintenance & updates to a certain time frame. Tier 1 & 2 include 1 week of maintenance and updates. Tier 3 & 4 include 2 weeks and Tier 5 includes 4 weeks.

Additional maintenance and update support would need to be purchased separately for each Tier, but this additional support would cover all plugins in the same Tier level. Meaning, if you purchase 3 plugins from Tier 4 and then purchase a Tier 4 Maintenance package, this package will cover maintenance for all plugins that Tier level.

No, it does not. When purchasing a Tier level, you would need to specify which plugin inside that Tier you wish to purchase. Purchasing a Tier level only includes 1 plugin per purchase. The exception is the Tier maintenance which covers all plugins in the same Tier level.
Yes, we offer support and advice on the Facebook Brilliant Directories Help group and in a Telegram Group that you could find in our social Networks at the end of this page.



If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to contact us or send a message!