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Services Meetings

Site Setup - Audit - Training

$795 / One time
Live Online Meeting (2 hours max.)
Support for 1 Month (Questions, Doubts, Ideas)
Google Services Setup
Member Import Tips
Category Setup
Question & Answer Section
Learn Proper Site Techniques
Improve your SEO & Style knowledge
SEO Guidelines & Service
Marketing Help
Technical Advice
Database Optimizations
Quick Fixes (PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, MySQL)

SEO Optimization Service

$1695 / One time
Enhance SEO Ranking Score
Improve Site Performance
Increase your SEO Score above 90+
Direct impact on on-site Content
Indirect Impact on Backlinks
Indirect Organic Impact on Google Ranking
Save more than $25K-$125K a Year on SEO Costs
SEO Optimizations for Core Vital Components
Technique uses latest Google Guidelines
Core Vitals, BERT & Mobile Recommendations
Homepage Image Optimization
Database Optimization
Google Services Audit
Speed up site between 2x to 10x
Better LCP, FCP & CLS
UX / UI Recommendations based on SEO Optimization Results
Get tips & tricks from an SEO Specialist. (Meeting not Included)



Includes importing, Exporting, customization requests, SEO Optimizations, API Integrations, customizations of the membership level, pricing page, join process, forms, sidebar configuration, search results design, public profile design, homepage layout & design, social media trackers, any updates pending at the backend or frontend level and an online training course to teach more about the platform.

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